As 2020 began Australia continued to face catastrophic bushfires*. This has been my home for over 20 years, also now my children’s home, and it breaks my heart to see the complete devastation with loss of life, land, animals, and homes.


So, as this new decade dawns, we need, more than ever, to help repair the damage we have caused to our beautiful planet in the past, our planet is struggling – we all know it. In my own life and as Creative Director, I try every way I can to make choices that are better for the environment. More sustainability, less waste, more re-using.


We can all make a change and we need our choices right now, to be the best ones; this involves everything we do, we buy, we give, and we eat. Use your energy to split your rubbish, to grow your veggies, to hang your clothes, to walk or bus to work. We can be the ones that show to others what matters. To be happy with only the essentials, to visit our farmers markets, to bring our own bags, to shop with local & conscious brands and to care for this planet so we can continue to enjoy it now and for future generations.


We must love our earth and treat her the way we want her to treat us, with love and respect. Thank you for all the decisions you make that show you care too.


* For more information on the bushfires and how to help or donate, click here.