all about these beauties: eco-vegan brushes

all about these beauties: eco-vegan brushes

Stylish, vegan and eco, our environmentally conscious brushes and tools are just what you need!


6 different eco vegan brushes for all your needs:

Made with quality materials that last: vegan bristles and a corn resin handle, with the exception of the kabuki brush, which is made of wood handle and vegan bristles.



acute beauty -  lip & conceal brush

A brush with many uses! The softer, wide end is perfect for covering larger areas of the face with concealer. The smaller shaped end will reach corners, spots and edges of your skin, while also designed to outline your lips. Slim-lined to fit between the fingers, so versatile you could use this brush every day. Soft and smooth on skin.



cream dream - multipurpose brush

The best brush for all liquid and cream products, like our oat milk liquid foundation, carrot colour pots, beetroot tints and vanilla highlighters. This brush makes it easy and hassle free to apply wet products to the face – no drips or mistakes. Blends well and offers a smooth coverage.



powder guru - kabuki brush

Multipurpose brush for our natural calendula powder foundations and translucent corn powder. Featuring wood handle and vegan bristles. Achieves optimum coverage with a soft head to gather powder and dust smoothly over the face. This brush is compact with a cylindrical handle for easy use, to create a flawless look. Plus it’s environmentally conscious.



conscious colour - blush & bronze brush

Simply beautiful powder brush to add colour to your cheeks. Use to apply our rice powder blush & bronzer products. Designed to evenly distribute powder over the skin for a natural look that can be amplified with multiple layers. Take this brush with you everywhere and add a dash of colour throughout the day.



eye expert: smudge & shade brush

This expertly designed eye brush can be used to create a variety of eye looks. Featuring a compact short side to smudge liners and darker shadow colours and a shading side to precisely deposit the perfect amount of eye shadow.



classic look - line & blend brush

Cleverly designed 2 in 1 brush! One end to apply a classic thin line along the lash line or to fill in eyebrows. The other side features a fluffy round shape to blend with a transition shade for a sheer wash of colour in the crease, or go over the edges of your shadow so there are no harsh lines.


Achieve the best looks with our eyelash curler and our sharpener

Spectacular Eyelash Curler

High quality chrome curler with a perfect curve for your lashes. Features hypoallergenic white silicone rubber that gently presses your lashes. Gentle on your eyes.


Eco Sharpener

Recyclable carbon steel blade, biodegradable, high performance points. The ultimate sharpener.


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