all about these beauties: mascaras

all about these beauties: mascaras

“Mascara Magic!” Mascara is one of the quickest ways you can lift your look, frame your face and add instant definition to your face. We love mascara on fresh faces, foundation perfect complexions and for just about every occasion. Natural beauty, the kind that shines from the inside out, is our favourite thing, but a little mascara helps too!


Eyes are sensitive to pollutants + toxins, they require extra special care. This inspired our range of natural mascaras to keep them healthy, happy and shining bright.


natural almond mascara – brown

Most of us have black mascara, but did you know that brown mascara can suit some people even better? This luscious little beauty made with almond oil lengthens + strengthens lashes in a rich dark brown formula. It’s smudge-proof, water-resistant and long-lasting. Perfect on a natural complexion or as the finishing touch to your makeup routine.


natural almond mascara – black

Our best-selling must-have mascara that launched Ere Perez natural cosmetics! The ultimate black natural mascara made with conditioning almond oil. This mascara has been talked about in the pages of magazines and groups of friends. It’s the beauty favourite that will become a staple you just can’t live without.


avocado waterproof mascara – black

The only vegan waterproof mascara on the market. We love it for its volumizing effect, full black coverage and 24hour wear. This mascara can last til the end of the party! Avocado and mamey oils feature for a glossy sheen and to stimulate growth. Works for a natural look or more dramatic glamour.


aloe gel lash & brow mascara – clear

Eyebrows are more important than we think. They frame our face and are often the first place the eyes are drawn to when looking at a new face. So, we want them looking their best! This 2-in-1 clear mascara is for eyelashes, giving a clear lustre and definition. Also for eyebrows: the mascara tidies up the brows, fix hairs in place and glides over any gaps with a sleek layer that gives the appearance of more coverage.


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