all about this beauty: arnica concealer

all about this beauty: arnica concealer

We’ve worked hard to create the best cream concealer that covers over dark circles and blemishes – big, small, red or nasty. Did you know what you put over your little spot can actually make it worse? Not this everyday concealer with natural arnica, considered to be antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. It covers up while calming the inflamed area. Also, covers pigmentation and inconsistencies in skin tone. Full coverage, even you’ll forget what’s hiding underneath.


Available in 6 shades


EP_Blog_Concealer2 This lightest shade is best suited to very fair complexions and porcelain skin, naturally pink cheeks and freckles.



EP_Blog_Concealer3 This light shade is best suited to fair skin with gentle yellow undertones



EP_Blog_Concealer4 Named after our favourite tea, this versatile shade is for light to medium skin.



EP_Blog_Concealer5 Best shade for warmer skin tones that tan golden in the sun. A medium option suitable for olive skin.



EP_Blog_Concealer6 Like the name suggests, this shade suits skin with a lot of natural warmth and colour. Perfect for medium to darker complexions.



EP_Blog_Concealer7 This shade suits deep skins – for medium to dark complexions.


How to apply

1. Use our eco vegan lip & conceal brush for best cover up results.
2. Apply in smooth lines under the eyes and on trouble areas or visible blemishes or skin variation.
3. Blend lightly around the edges of applied concealer.


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