all bases covered

all bases covered

We gave our kabuki brush a haircut! We love the bigger flat-top style and know you will too…


I’m Bruna Reis, makeup artist for Ere Perez, and I’m here to give you some tips about the new reshaped multitasking kabuki brush. Our eco vegan kabuki is famous because of the short handle and very dense bristles; this new brush head has made it even more awesome. The brush is bigger & mightier, and your new beauty must-have.


The new style combined with a lower density of bristles is perfect because you don’t need a hundred different makeup brushes to do a full face. It can be used to apply liquid and cream foundation, compact or loose powder, bronzer, blush (liquid, cream or powder) and even body makeup. The new shape works to give your skin a natural look. The vegan fibres have a cushioned effect, good for precise application and a soft-focus finish. Plus, the more you use it, the fluffier it becomes.


Here are my tips on how I’ve been using the new kabuki for different products.

For liquid and cream foundation:

1. I start by dropping the product to the back of my hand by dipping the kabuki into the product.
2. Then, buff it onto the face in circular motions starting at the centre, working outwards.
3. Once you get to your hairline & jawline, you should have little product left on your brush. Always be sure to blend the product along your jawline and neck to avoid the makeup-mask look.
4. Is a perfect match with both quinoa foundation or oat milk foundation.


To apply compact or loose powder:

1. Use light sweeping motions and then gently buff the product in.
2. For an even finish, distribute the product over your face, paying attention to your jawline and neck to leaving a seamless finish.
3. The new kabuki will help applying powder over foundation (to set makeup in place) or as a lightweight base.
4. I love how it makes easier the application of the translucent corn powder.



To apply liquid, cream or powder blush:

1. With this chunky little brush, you’ll be able to hit the tops of your cheeks just right. It makes application easy and accurate. Not just for blush, but rice powder bronzer too.
2. If you want a more defined line, lightly squeeze the bristles of your brush together. This is great for contouring cheeks and down the bridge of your nose.


To achieve my fav sun-kissed look:

1. I use a creamier blush like the carrots colour pots and I like to wet the top of my Kabuki with a tiny bit of water before dipping it into the blush.
2. This is perfect to create a soft and diffused look.



***And, last but not least, for better performance from your kabuki, keep it clean! I use a makeup brush cleaner before applying a different product and I normally wash once a week with cold water and gentle soap.