all-time beauty

all-time beauty

Beauty exists at every age – and don’t you try and tell us otherwise! Some of our greatest style icons & beauty influencers are timelessly elegant and gorgeous whether they are 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and beyond. It was Oprah Winfrey who famously once said that 50 is the new 40.


This is for faces that have lived, for skin with character and adventure at the edges. We want you to feel sassy, confident and beautiful, from here on in. If you are facing your 30th or just had your 47th, if you are worried that 25 feels suddenly too old… we got you. Time is one thing we can do nothing about, but we can do a lot to nourish and care for our skin along the way:


◦ Switch to natural skincare and makeup products. This will help your skin and your health.
◦ Hydrate your body with water, and your skin with moisturizing products.
◦ It’s never too late – or early! – for an eye cream. Our tip is to use your eye cream (providing its natural, like ours) around your mouth to assist with lines along the lips too.
◦ Pick makeup shades that suit your complexion, your hair and don’t listen to anyone who says it has to be suitable for your ‘age’. You can rock a green eye pencil or beetroot lipstick whenever you like.


    Get the look

      1. To a cleansed and dry face, apply moringa all beauty crème. Gently massage into skin with fingertips.
      2. For redness or circles under the eye & pigmentation, apply arnica concealer – chai. Blend well.
      3. To balance skin tone and get a lightweight coverage, use oat milk foundation – chai.
      4. We love a bit of shimmer! Vanilla highlighter – falling star is best applied to cheekbones and under eyebrows. Dab with fingers and rub in.
      5. Carrot colour pots – harmony is a lovely dash of healthy colour. Apply to cheeks and lips. Blend in.
      6. For best brows, fill in with almond brow pencil – perfect. Use the inbuilt brush to tidy. Follow with a layer of aloe gel lash & brow mascara – clear over the eyebrows to set in place.
      7. Finish with natural almond mascara – black to top and bottom lashes, pick your favourite colour of chamomile eye palette – lovely and apply to eyelids.

        Et voila!


        Model Astrid is from Germany, Photography by Hiram Martinez, Look by Katiana Salinas with Ere Perez Makeup and Skincare.


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