an easy mindfulness meditation

an easy mindfulness meditation

It was when she discovered the teachings of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui's Pranic Healing in 2009, a non-touch energy healing modality, that Kassandra Scardino began her journey to self healing and self discovery. Since then, she dedicated her life to developing her skills as a healer and teacher.


She shares with us a daily ritual that she created to develop mindfulness.


"It is so important to connect with yourself daily through mindfulness meditation. It can be the difference between survival and thriving in our busy modern lives.


The act of mindfulness is about being aware of what is happening to you in the present moment, and not living in the past or future. Too often we dwell on the past, where we ate that doughnut for breakfast and beat ourselves up for breaking our diet. Or we could be anxious about that deadline that is awaiting at the end of the week. Either way if it is somehow linked to a negative, that could be creating stress in our body and mind.


That being said, how do you cultivate the art form of presence? I have created a daily ritual that helps me not only nourish my body and mind, but also reminds me to stay in the moment of every task that I perform with the best emotional and mental state possible.


A great way to do this is with any lotion that you apply on your face and body, starting with activating it with your own energy. I do this by tapping the bottle 16 times on my palm (16 is a master number that holds a certain frequency that is related to being centered, heart and soul) and then placing some of the product on my hand. Then taking a couple of minutes to massage the lotion over my hands, I breath a few times with the intention of infusing it with self love. As I apply the lotion to my body or face I say in my mind how grateful I am for my body. I am letting my body know what a great job it is doing to help me in my day, and giving it praise for how beautiful it is. This is so important; the power of mindfulness and self-love is underestimated as it has many psychological and metaphysical benefits.


Put it this way, you only have one body and if you don't make it a priority then who will? Start with being mindful of yourself and then the world and how you take it on will change too. It is easy to be mindful when you have beautiful products like Ere Perez holding space for you."


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Kassandra Scardino is the Vision Director of The Temple Surry Hills founded in May 2016. The Temple is a place that host conscious events with esoteric and metaphysical new age threads.


Born with empathic abilities Kassandra unlocked her potential after studying Pranic Healing and becoming a full time energetic healer in 2011.


Kassandra works as a psychic, healer, crystal teacher, spiritual coach and Temple facilitator, she now travels to Melbourne and Brisbane to host workshops and has recently been accredited internationally for her modality Point Of Light Crystal Therapy that is a combination of energetic reprogramming that rewrites cellular memories in the human matrix resolving an array of conflicts within peoples lives.


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