australian native finger limes

australian native finger limes

Lexie Stewart is the co-founder of Wood Lane Beverages. 


"I wanted to create a drink that was all about enjoying the sipping experience. Something relaxing, yet non-alcoholic; healthy yet a little but luxe. From this desire Wood Lane was born".


Wood Lane craft their Relaxation Botanicals to seamlessly fit in with your lifestyle and wellness routines. They've done all the thinking for you so you can relax, enjoy and set yourself on the path to feeling cool, calm, connected.


Check your Instagram this coming weekend for our giveaway with them! And here is an article by them about the wonders of Australian Native Finger Limes.


“Finger Limes (Citrus australasica) are a native Australian fruit, which are gaining popularity both in Australia and abroad. And for good reason – they are deliciously beautiful! Otherwise known as citrus caviar, the fruit’s flesh consists of tiny, bead like pearls that look similar to caviar. The flavoursome jewel’s pop-in-your-mouth citrusy notes add a twist to more traditional flavours. 


When developing our drinks, we were adamant that the first Wood Lane Relaxation Botanical would include Native Finger Lime.  Australia has such unique produce and showcasing what we have in our very own backyard is one of the key pillars of our brand.


At Wood Lane, we pair Finger Lime with the less tart, mellower flavour of Blueberry to create a drink that is fruity but not too sweet.  It was this pairing which contributed to our Blueberry & Native Finger Lime Relaxation Botanical being recognised as a Beverage of the Year finalist at the 2017 Australian Food and Beverage Awards.


EP_Blog_FingerLimes3 Instead of using the pulp of the fruit to give our drinks its natural flavour, aroma and ripeness, our Relaxation Botanicals are mindfully crafted using Finger Lime Extract. Using the fruit in this concentrated way allows for a heightened Finger Lime experience by allowing the tangy, tart citrus flavour to burst through.


Australian Native Food & Botanicals (ANFAB) is the peak national body, which represents all interests in the rapidly growing Australian native food and botanical industry.  They have a fantastic fact sheet on the species highlighting their growing conditions, health benefits and food uses.


Yep, that’s right.  They are good for you too. According to ANFAB, Finger Limes are “reported to have high Vitamin C content, to be rich in Folate, potassium and Vitamin E, although no definitive research has been done as yet”.


Increasingly, references to Finger Limes are popping up over social media.


Finger Limes recently made an appearance on the raw bar menu at Supernormal in Melbourne.  Executive Chef, Benjamin Pollard, paired Mark Father Kingfish, kohlrabi and orange dashi with these lovelies.


Nigella Lawson says in her post that the Finger Lime is the way of the future and the minute she got off the plane from her recent trip Down Under she ordered a plant.  Now that’s saying something!


We love that the use of citrus caviar is exploding and that the creative minds and menus of culinary greats are also showcasing these Australian botanical beauties.”


Article by Wood Lane Beverages – Relaxation Botanicals:


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