bask in the light

bask in the light

Light is an ephemeral quality that we just can’t live without! The rising and setting of the sun are the only events that happen every single day, no matter what. As they say, the sun always rises! Around the world, whether northern or southern hemisphere, light defines our lives and our lifestyles. As seasons change our worlds get darker in the mornings, lighter in the evenings, days stretch to midnight or fall short at 5pm. We are in a constant state of adjusting to how much light there is outside. This affects what we wear, how we eat, when we exercise, and what activities we can enjoy outdoors. This fluctuating state is universal and it can be said that in spring time, wherever you are in the world, as blossoms appear on trees and the air warms up, really, what we are most grateful for at the end of a long winter is more light in our lives. Light makes things grow – plants, trees, the food we eat; light also has an amazing ability to increase our mood and lift our spirits (just ask anyone who has suffered from Seasonal Adjustment Disorder).


The presence of light (the sun) and light (inispiration, upliftment, goodness) in our lives cannot be underestimated. We need light in so many ways, big and small, and whether you are basking all day in the summer sun or catching a few rays of winter light when it appears, light is an essential element of nature that we just can’t live without. There have been many songs, poems, books written that reference light, both physical and metaphorical. In celebration of that beautiful shining thing that illuminates our world, here are some of my favourite words related to light:


◦ You light up my life
◦ Let your light shine
 From darkness to light
◦ Bright lights
◦ City lights
◦ Starlight
◦ Be the light
◦ Festival of Light
◦ Fairy lights
◦ Christmas lights
◦ Reading lights
◦ Lightweight clothes
◦ A light touch
◦ The light in me acknowledges the light in you
◦ Love and light
◦ It is always darkest before the light of dawn
◦ Into the light
◦ Firelight
◦ Sunlight
◦ Daylight
◦ A night light
◦ Moonlight
◦ First light
◦ Beam of light
◦ Light breeze
◦ Lights out
◦ Light-hearted
◦ Guiding light
◦ Inner light
◦ Light years ahead
◦ Give the green light
◦ Ultraviolet light
◦ Lighthouse
◦ Lightning
◦ Tea lights
◦ Candlelight
◦ Lighten up
◦ Mood lighting
◦ Come on baby light my fire...
◦ You were born to light up the world!


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