Beautiful on the inside

Beautiful on the inside

As much as we focus on the external world – our jobs, families, relationships, friendships and even our external appearance – we need to spend a little time on the inside.


There are many things that make us feel beautiful from the inside out: getting enough sleep; avoiding excess of food, alcohol or caffeine; eating cleanly; drinking water; having rest and relaxation time; being kind to those around us.


In addition, the quality of our thoughts can have a huge affect on how we end up feeling. We often carry stress, resentment or anger inside us and it can build up just like plaque on our teeth. So, how do we help to alleviate this build-up of toxic and negative thinking in our minds, so that we can think clearly, be more loving and live our best lives? There are a few ways that we can use our creativity to find more freedom, and beauty inside.



Write it down

The act of writing down our thoughts can be a powerful tool for self-reflection. Simply, when we write down our thoughts or the events of our day, it can clear our minds from having to hold on to everything. By putting it down on paper (with a pen or typing on a computer!) you can very effectively begin to ease any stress you may be carrying.


Journal – having a small journal that you write in every day can help to make sense of things that are worrying you. This is a free and safe space to vent your emotions, frustrations, hopes and dreams. Some of us had a diary as a child, and many are picking up the habit again as adults.


Letters – sometimes we can’t say all we need to say in life. It may be to a co-worker or to a loved one, but the time comes when we are unable to fully express how we feel. By writing a letter to the person (a letter that you don’t send, but allow yourself to write) you can very powerfully get your feelings out. Symbolically, you are communicating your truth and letting go of some of the pent-up angst. This can work wonders!


Wish box – this is one of my favourite creative ways to ease my mind and to help visualise positive things in life. By keeping 2 small boxes in the houses, labelled ‘DREAMS’ and ‘LET GO’, you can have a place to put all of your thoughts. In the DREAMS box, write down any dreams you have for your life, as they come to you. You can do this at any time, writing just one or many at a time. This helps you to know what you are wanting to create in your life, it is as magic as wishing on a star!


Then, on the days when you don’t feel great, or have a problem that is on your mind, you can write it down on a piece of paper and put it in the ‘LET GO’ box – this box is for all the struggles, the negative attributes, the challenges of life that you want help with, let go of, move through peacefully.


By putting them outside of the yourself and into the box, you are symbolically saying that you are ready to be free of this and move forward. By cleansing our minds and relationships in these ways, we can feel more beautiful on the inside and out.


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