being grateful for the people we share our lives with

being grateful for the people we share our lives with

I can’t believe it’s May already! In Australia, Mother’s Day is coming up – a great time to reflect on what family means to us and how we can celebrate the people we share our lives with.


While creating gorgeous natural skincare is a passion that drives me each day, it would be nothing without the beautiful people who surround me. My brilliant husband of 19 years, Juan, is an integral part of the brand; people may say you can’t mix love and business, but we seem to make it work! He inspires me, supports me and brings laughter to the day. We might have a different viewpoint or way of doing things, but it has been amazing to work closely every day with the man I love so much. We now have three beautiful children, who are very much part of the Ere Perez family. They bring so much joy! They come to visit me in the office after school, they love to try on our natural makeup for fun (yes, you can make great art with lipstick!) and they are treasured and valued by the whole team. I hope they will continue to grow up with natural health, vitality, a love for nature and people as their values.


Connection is an important part of our well being. Whether your family is near or far, there are people who you can be grateful for at your workplace, in your neighbourhood, in your community. It can be the green grocer, a barista at our favourite cafe, a person you do a yoga class with or a treasured friend. Let’s all take a moment to feel thankful that we are surrounded by other people, sharing the world with us!


I want to wish you all the success and joy in seeing your dreams come true, and it will be the people with you who will make all the hard work worthwhile. Remember that you can do anything in this world that you set your heart and mind to. 


Love Ere.


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