best morning skincare treats

best morning skincare treats

In the morning, I like things to be quick and simple. My skin is craving nourishment and I love to create a glow that will last throughout the day. Here’s how I use my favourite Ere Perez clean beauty goodies to kickstart my skin and my mood for a good day.


herbal face tonic is a really active toner that wakes up my skin, enhances circulation and is deeply hydrating. I love the gentle exfoliation action of lactic acid, which helps remove dull skin. This tonic does it all. My skin tingles a little after application and gets a nice flush.


australian blue cypress face nectar x 3 drops. I apply this onto the damp skin after toning, so they absorb quickly together. I give my skin a light massage while doing this with upward stroking movements, stimulating lymph flow and circulation. This nectar is lightweight and leaves my skin dewy and nourished. Now my skin really glows!


 papaya sos marmalade for any lips and any dry areas that require extra attention. This is also great for dry hands, cuticles, even feet, and it can also be used safely on kids. It's a real multitasking wonder.


quinoa water foundation I choose this beauty for creating an everyday, no-makeup look. While I usually apply it with the eco vegan multipurpose brush, I also sometimes use my fingers and massage the foundation into skin.  


olive oil lipstick - high tea is my seasonal favourite! A dab of colour on lips and cheeks.


A morning routine can be simple, but still leaves you and your skin feeling pampered and ready to conquer the day.


Author: Liv Lundelius