bold lips + skin heroes

bold lips + skin heroes

Fresh skin. Bright eyes. Bold lips! Each day is a new opportunity to put our best selves forward. Taking care of business and doing it with a smile. With a little boldness, we can be heroes in our own lives and for those around us. We’ve paired our skin-savers with rich olive oil to hydrate lips. Give us your biggest smile!


skin heroes
herbal face tonic | cranberry lip & eye butter | papaya sos marmalade  
1. To a cleansed face, spritz with our nutritive herbal face tonic. Enjoy the calming aroma and let it sink in to nourish your skin.
2. For all that smiling! Add a dollop of cranberry lip & eye butter to the delicate eye area. Also works a treat to protect the lips from lines - smudge around the outline of your smile and gently rub in.
3. Papaya sos marmalade is the ultimate skin rescue for everything a day can throw at us. Blend into dry skin, hands, cracked lips, ends of hair. It's called sos for a reason!



bold lips
olive oil lipstick
1. Olive oil lipstick - surprise: a pop of luscious pink to greet the world! This hydrating formula will look after lips while delivering long-lasting colour.


2. Olive oil lipstick - circus: true red! The best natural red you will find, full of antioxidants, vibrant colour and a look-after-your-lips formula.