bright eyes

bright eyes

Eyes are a beautiful part of the face. We want to highlight them and show them off. But did you know that focusing on the face is important to get great eye definition?


Sometimes we get carried away with fancy eyeshadows, or over-apply eyeliner and forget that the rest of the face is the palette for amazing eye styling. Start with the face first, smooth your complexion, apply natural colour, highlight cheekbones, lips and groom brows – these essential steps will get you the bright eyes you want, just as much as a smoky eye tutorial or your new mascara. Remember – bright eyes on a dull complexion won’t have the same effect…


Here’s how to create a canvas that lets your eyes shine!


Look#1 – glow


oat milk foundation – chai | arnica concealer – chai | carrot colour pot –  healthy (cheeks and lips) | vanilla highlighter– sun halo | aloe gel lash & brow mascara – clear |rice powder blush – tulum (only eyes) | avocado waterproof mascara – black 


1. To clean and moisturised skin, apply oat milk foundation – chai. This will even out your skin tone and add a layer of coverage.
2. Next, apply arnica concealer – chai to the area under your eyes and blend well.
3. Dab carrot colour pot – healthy (cheeks and lips) onto cheeks (blend!) and lips for gorgeous natural colour.
4. Highlight cheekbones with vanilla highlighter–sun halo.
5. Groom brows with aloe gel lash & brow mascara – clear. YOUR BASE IS READY!
6. For eyes: apply rice powder blush – tulum to bring out your natural eye colour.
7. Apply 2 layers of ultimate vegan avocado waterproof mascara – black.

    Look #2 – shimmer


    oat milk foundation – chaivanilla highlighter – sun halo (as concealer) | olive oil lipstick – circusavocado waterproof mascara – black | rice powder blush – tulum (cheeks)


    1. Start with oat milk foundation – chai and apply to the face in an even layer.
    2. Apply rice powder blush – tulum to your cheeks for cute colour.
    3. Over any blemishes, apply a dash of vanilla highlighter – sun halo and blend in.
    4. Yes to bright lips! Use olive oil lipstick – circus.
    5. Now for eyes – all you need to finish is a coat of avocado waterproof mascara – black.
    6. For an extra special finishing-touch, use the line & blend brush to apply a thin line of mascara across the lash line to create a sleek liquid liner look!

      Look by Nea Nunez, Model Alessandra is  from Mexico, photography by Karina & Aylin Cortez.


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