bronzed sunset

bronzed sunset

I don’t know about you, but for me a sunset is the most beautiful vision to watch. It’s stunning, romantic, and it leads to my favourite part of the day, the night. Thinking of sunsets, I created this beautiful bronzed smokey look that´s wearable from dawn to dusk. Yes, you read right, a bronzed SMOKEY eye look. You might think that a smokey eye is only for celebrities and their MUAs, but that is not true. You too can achieve this sexy eyeshadow look! I know that this is one of the most feared looks to create because of the difficulty of the technique. I can show you how to create a simple bronzed tone eye, that anyone can achieve. Before we start, remember 2 key points:


1. Keep the darkest colour towards the lash line. It keeps the makeup modern and fresh, and ensures you are drawing more attention to the eye.
2. Blend, blend, blend. Brushes are super important to get the best blend. When it comes to a smokey eye, it doesn’t matter how dark you go, or what colours you use. It’s how well you blend the liner and shadow around your eye. That’s what gives it that sultry look.


Ready? Let’s jump to it!


1. Apply a base. Create a canvas with our arnica concealer. Select a shade closest to your skin tone and pat on the eye lid to allow makeup to last all day and night without fading or creasing.
2. Take the eco vegan lip & conceal brush and apply vanilla highlighter – sun halo all over your eye area. From the inner corner of your eye, lid and up to the brow bone. This is what is going to give our look the perfect bronzed base.

3. Find the natural crease of your eye, then with our jojoba eye pencil – bronze to lightly draw an arched line to define the fold and sweep over the eye lid. Then, looking up, draw a line on the bottom lashes and/or in the water line.


4. Blend with our eco vegan smudge & shade brush until there’s no harsh lines. Smudge a little bit up the crease and blend. Apply a little more pencil if needed and blend it again. Try not to go up the lid as much as the first time to create a gradient effect. Use your eco vegan line & blend eye brush to also smooth the edges too.

5. With the same brush, take our chamomile eye palette – beautiful, and apply a little shimmer with the shade agathe, on the inner part of the lid and blend to the centre. It gives the eye a little bit more sparkle and sets the bronze eye pencil.


6. Line your eyes with our jojoba eye pencil – black* and blend with the eco vegan smudge & shade brush, on the lash line. Repeat a second line, over the top of the liner, but this time do not blend so the line stays to define your eyes. Repeat with the bottom lash line but don’t go all the way to the inner corner, to keep your eyes looking wider.


7. Finish your lids with just a touch of the vanilla highlighter – sun halo in the inner corner to illuminate your eyes.
8. Apply a coat of avocado waterproof mascara over lashes. Apply your favourite nude lipstick to your lips and you’re ready!


*Swap the black liner for the shade earth to make a softer less harsh smokey eye.


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