celebrate pachamama

celebrate pachamama

Pachamama is the goddess of fertility, generosity and the feminine in Andean cultures in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile and Argentina. In Quechua and Aymara, ‘pacha’ is the word for the world, cosmos, time and space, while ‘mama’ means mother, making ‘Mother Earth’ a common English translation.


The Sydney Latin American Film Festival created the Pachamama Festival in 2014 as a platform for people from diverse cultural backgrounds to renew their connections to nature, in a world seemingly at war with nature. It begins as a blank canvas each year and is filled by offerings of music, film, dance, food and storytelling in celebration and respect for a living earth that sustains us.


In 2017, Pachamama Festival takes place at Addison Rd Community Centre from 23-24 June. This year, we explore how we can grow an idea into a movement, how small actions can influence, support and strengthen communities.


Pachamama Festival 2017 will be made up of multiple events including live music, film screenings from unique indigenous perspectives, a YARN Circle, spoken word workshops, and a virtual reality film experience like no other. 


Ere Perez is very proud to support that festival. It’s always a good time to celebrate Mother Earth!


More info and tickets are available at http://www.pachamamafestival.com


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