choices make us free

choices make us free

We are in charge of our life and we have the opportunity to choose each action and write our biography to our liking. Choices make us free, but it is up to us if we make those choices in a responsible and conscientious way.


Among the countless choices we make every day, conscious consumption is an important one. Fortunately, it has increasingly become easier for us to meet the concept of "responsible consumption."


These two words automatically invite us to reflect our purchasing decisions, analyse our real needs, think about the origin of the goods we acquire and the impact of that purchase; in our life, and our environment.


At this moment, you might be thinking you have never really questioned this before ... If so, I understand you, but don’t worry it is part of the process! I have hope that we can move forward from here!


Think of it this way: Through our choices we reflect part of our personality; our thoughts and our attitude to the life that we choose to create. When we choose healthy eating, we are choosing to eat real food. When we choose to consume local, seasonal and organic foods we favour our health, respect the land and value the work of the producer. The same happens when we choose recycled, handmade, biodegradable products and cosmetics made with natural ingredients for our skin.


Written by: Ainoha Aguirre Moura / @vangsustentabl


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