choose kindness

choose kindness

Our high-performing makeup and skincare products do not exploit animals. We are certified cruelty-free by PETA and Choose Cruelty Free Australia. Our formulations & ingredients are not tested on animals.


Our commitment to be cruelty-free influences all of our decisions. From our formulations, ingredients and suppliers – this is at the heart of our brand. If a new trend in cosmetics is announced – and it comes from an animal, we let it pass by and wait for the trend to end. There is always a plant-based alternative that gets the same results. And if a new ingredient has been tested on animals – we say, No Thank you.


We don’t want the beauty industry to inflict harm on animals, and we know you don’t want that either. When you choose us, you can be sure that our supply chain is free of cruelty to animals.


We hope to see a world where animal testing is abolished globally. There are many new scientific ways to test cosmetics that don’t involve animals; they are proving to be as reliable as traditional methods. We like to say, we test on our friends & family! By purchasing our products, you are supporting the cruelty-free movement.


We have always been cruelty-free, since our inception in 2007. From day one, we ensured our products & ingredients were not tested on animals. We are thrilled that this is now endorsed by regulations. In 2017, the Australian government introduced a bill that effectively bans the use of animal testing for cosmetics in this country. The European Union passed similar legislation in 2013.




Ere Perez is a vegan brand, this means that nearly 100% of our products are free from animal derivatives. Currently, we only use beeswax in one product – almond oil mascara. Everything else we create is totally free of animal-derived ingredients. We are totally transparent about this, and we know you appreciate it.


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