classic english rose look

classic english rose look

Rosalina Da Silva is a well-established makeup artist for the film and television industries. When in Bondi – Australia, she loves spending time with Ere and playing around our natural makeup. And we love the result!


She created this natural classic look for our English-born model Ruth. Check it out:


“There’s nothing better than a fresh face, sparkling eyes and subtle colour that gives your skin a healthy radiance. For days when you want to look your best without being overdone, I have created this fresh beauty look that ticks all the boxes. Think garden parties, picnics, art galleries, birthday parties, cupcakes and of course – fresh cut roses. It’s understated & pretty, classic, and great for every day…


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What you need

 oat milk foundation – honey
 carrot colour pot – harmony
 carrot colour pot – healthy
 chamomile eye palette – lovely
 sesame lip liner – shy
 cacao lip colour – hoopla
 almond mascara – black


    How to

    This look is all about blending! We love our makeup brushes but here we show you how to do this look on the go, when you don’t have all your tools but still want the best results. Our makeup artist used good old fashioned fingers to apply and blend all the beautiful products. Try it…


    1. You’ve cleansed and moisturised. Now – apply a smooth layer of oat milk foundation. Start on the t-zone and move outwards. Blend, blend blend! Your complexion is now even and fresh-looking.
    2. For colour, use a mix of carrot colour pots in harmony + healthy. Take a dab of each and blend into cheeks. This gives a healthy warmth to your skin.
    3. To highlight the eyes, use aurora + maura colours from the chamomile eye palette – lovely. Apply to the top eyelid and blend with fingers.
    4. Time for luscious lips! Give a plump appearance by outlining with sesame lip pencil – shy.
    5. Fill in the top and bottom lip with the brand new cacao lip colour – hoopla.
    6. Finish off with a layer of almond mascara – black. You’re ready for the day!”


    Article and Look by makeup artist Rosalina Da Silva: Filmography, Instagram, Twitter


    Model: Ruth from England,


    Photography: Hiram Martinez, Make-up products by Ere Perez


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