clever multitaskers

clever multitaskers

Photographer Becca Fitzgerald loves our carrot cheek and lip balms. She tells us why here…


Makeup has played a large role in my career for many years. Previously having been a model I always needed a makeup kit that was compact, could travel and did not compromise my health. Now working behind the lens as a photographer, makeup plays an essential role as a tool to capture individual beauty. Equally my love of wellness and wellbeing has been a core value in creating a healthy and sustainable life, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to have found Ere Perez natural makeup.


Within my own work as a photographer my style is to interpret natural beauty, which in my opinion is capturing the essence of a person and their essential self. In this same way I feel that Ere Perez aligns with the outcome I am looking for as the make-up is sourced from nature and the quality of their materials reveals itself beautifully on the skin.


The “Clever Carrot Cheek & Lip Balms” allow for great versatility, which is essential when the model requires different makeup applications for various looks throughout the day. This means that we can create a natural dewy glow to simply enhance an individual’s unique beauty and in addition use a layering technique to transform this natural look into a more sophisticated mood.


Photographer: Becca Fitzgerald. Becca Fitzgerald – Home


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