combat shine

combat shine

Life is busy, life gets messy, sometimes – it gets sweaty! We can all be prone to feeling like our skin is a bit hot and sticky, or even more shiny than we like it. This can be caused by humidity, temperature, hormones, stress & anxiety or natural oil production.


Our corn translucent powder – one for all is the ideal pressed powder for the complexion & finish you’re after. Can be applied when you put on your makeup as a finishing and setting powder, and throughout the day. A quick dab will calm your shine!



Corn for Cover


    1. After cleansing, apply moringa all-beauty crème to hydrate and sooth skin.
    2. For a light coverage, use quinoa water foundation – haze and apply over the face.
    3. Apply arnica concealer – chai under the eyes and blend.
    4. Healthy colour comes in a pot! Apply carrot colour pots – holy to cheeks & lips.
    5. Choose your favourite shades from our chamomile eye palette – lovely and blend into eyelids.
    6. Get glossy lashes and perfect eyebrows with aloe gel lash & brow mascara – clear.
    7. To cheekbones and under eyebrows, dab and blend vanilla highlighter – falling star.
    8. Now for shine-control! Apply one layer of corn translucent powder – one for all over the entire face. Pop it in your bag for later and a lunchtime application!


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