connect to yourself, yoga & meditation

connect to yourself, yoga & meditation

Sigrid is a passionate, devoted Vinyasa Yoga and Meditation teacher, and a Deep Tissue & Intuitive Balinese massage therapist, based in Sydney Australia.


“If I had to pick one thing out of the innumerable benefits I have gotten from my yoga and meditation practice, it would definitely be the fact that it has helped me to develop a much better connection to myself.


There is a world within us where all the answers, all the power, all the love and all the peace awaits, and it is only from the moment we become consciously still and silent, that we can start to hear the inner voice that guides us through the path to that world. We can think about yoga as the tool to re-connect and learn about stillness.  


This is how, through the change in my relationship towards myself and later towards others yoga changed my life:


From accepting and loving myself more, a sense of need for accepting and loving others deeper, appeared. Yoga helped me realize that I did not need anything in order to be fulfilled; I had everything within me if I decided to embrace it. Thanks to that, my attachment to my physical appearance softened, allowing me to become more satisfied with myself as a healthy, strong, living being. A whole new concept of inner-beauty woke up inside of me, and thanks to that a big amount of fear started to fade and love and contentment started to shine from inside out.


It didn’t take me long until I understood the actual impact of my actions, and started to educate myself about ethical and sustainable living choices.


From what we put on our plates to what we put on our skin or what we dress ourselves with, everything has an impact on the earth, other beings and in all of our collective consciousness. Normally, an impact we are pretty detached from and are rarely able to see or hear about. 


Luckily, every day more people are waking up and deciding to have compassion and sustainability in more consideration by being mindful in their actions and choices.


There is actually no need to harm others in order to have a good comfortable life, and thanks to brands that strive to make a good change, committing to fair-trade, sustainable and vegan ethics, it becomes easier each minute, for us to do good. 


Without having to go from zero to ten, making small changes in our day-to-day decisions will have a big final impact, we know that now.


Brands like Ere Perez are the clear proof of how doing good can be easy, affordable and efficient! 


We live such busy lives, and have so many dreams and ideas to think about, that it is a relief to know that we can have products like theirs available - to look glowing and ready to go at any time, while choosing to live more in love, from the inside out.”


Article by Sigrid Tasies: Instagram, Blog


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