conscious living as a family

conscious living as a family

Stephanie Francis is a Freelance Photographer & Qualified Spa therapist. She is a full-time mum of three girls & strong advocate for conscious living and planet health.


“At what point do we look around and realise our day-to-day habits have become unsustainable? When did we swap our basic humanity for convenience?  It is estimated we currently need 1.7 + planet earth to provide resources and absorb our waste. We are abusing our only home, the only place that can keep us alive… How embarrassing to hand this mess over to the next generation.


But, I’m here to tell you we don’t have to! It is never too late to change!


Some strategies:

◦ Once something runs out, replace it with the eco-friendly version… and there is ALWAYS an eco-friendly version, trust me! If you’re ever stuck, start googling my friends.
◦ Opt for more meals consisting of whole foods, plant-based if you will, not only do these foods generally come unpackaged but even implementing a few meat-free days per week has huge beneficial effects on both you and the planet.
◦ Remove chemicals from your home. There are so many chemicals we come into contact with daily. We spend so many years inhaling these chemicals, applying them to our bodies and faces, consuming them and generally living amongst them. This is why I love brands like Ere Perez who make incredible natural makeup with no loss of quality. The ingredients in Ere Perez actually benefit your skin health and will not create skin issues or age you prematurely.

     Delegate your rubbish!
    ◦ We’ll start with composting; as a family, we have been composting for a while now and we could not believe the reduction in household waste. We have reduced our waste by 70% at least and on rubbish collection day our wheelie bin is only ever a quarter full.
    ◦ Cans and bottles! Take these to a collection centre, not only do you get paid but you get the satisfaction of knowing exactly where they’re going and what’s going to happen to them.. no sneaky landfill dumps for these cans and bottles!
    ◦ Lunch time! Take into work with you re-usable cutlery and containers, either filled with food from home, or take them into your usual eatery and ask them to use your container instead of their takeaway versions. Use a keep cup for your takeaway tea & coffee or a simple mug from home.
    ◦ Dress Smart. I challenge you to shop small, go for ethically made items and opt for sustainable materials. Not only will these last you longer, but they are the kindest to earth.

      In the end, during this crisis of our planet earth, the best thing we can do is educate ourselves and our families, so we can all strive for the same goal. Seek knowledge, seek eco-friendly products and sustainable living habits and act accordingly. Encourage your children to live consciously, as this is already their planet. We are just here to teach them how to take care of it.


      “We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”


      Article by Stephanie Francis, Salt Water and Sunlight: InstagramWebsite.


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