Ana Gomez Jaraiz

living a creative life

My passion has always been painting. I am a lover of art, photography, nature – I combine all these as a way of expressing myself and I’ve tried to turn my passion into my actual profession. I’ve lived in many countries (Switzerland, Ireland, Lisbon, Australia and the USA) and I’ve been fortunate to experience the best of every culture. All these experiences have made my life richer and helped me become who I am today.

Because of that, each piece I paint has been influenced by each one of these places. By its nature, its colours, volumes, shapes and movements – all of these things are a source of inspiration each time I create. Through my paintings, my clients are able to remember the places they have visited and take with them the special memories they hold in their hearts.

The secret? The sand I use for each creation. Each grain of sand belongs to the special place my client has visited and that creates that connection between the person and their painting.
Can you tell us your favourite memory of collecting sand for your art? Where the place was and why was it so special?

On a beach near Lisbon (Portugal). I was living there for a year, surrounded by wonderful people who have all helped make me who I am today. Portugal is the place where I always spent the summer with my family. It has a very special soul and meaning for me. I am in love with the culture, language, every corner, it’s very essence.

I have in mind to return to Portugal as soon as I can. Meanwhile, I have a painting at home that reminds me every day of that time in my life. It brings a little of the special places to my home. I am a very sentimental person. I really enjoy the good times and I suffer a lot in the bad ones (there isn’t any in between!). But what I love is being able to remember all of them and take them all with me. This is a part of our history, and helps make us who we are.

We love that you are inspired by nature – primarily sand. You collect from beaches and deserts. Can you tell us how these amazingly different places inspire you?

I am in love with nature in general. I was born in the field, surrounded by horses and animals of all kinds. Since I was little, my family has tried to convey to me the very special essence of nature. The importance of loving and respecting it – and they have achieved it! I really enjoy its sounds, the different vegetation, the beaches – everything! All kinds of nature inspire me. Before I start a painting, I need to know in depth, the story the future owners want to tell. This will guide me to help tell their story, one they will have in their home and be able to remember, every day.

Thank you Ana Gomez Jaraiz