crystal sparkle look

crystal sparkle look

Some days you just want to shine. It can be for a special occasion, a wedding, a party, an important work event, or just because you are celebrating life and your place in it! We love those moments when you feel inspired, uplifted and happy. Life is full of challenges, but by marking the good moments every chance we can, the glass can start to look half full instead of half empty. When you want a little bit of shimmer, when you feel that special buzz in the air, when you feel like anything is possible and nothing’s going to stop you – this is the look for you. We call it crystal sparkle, after our favourite quartz crystal that is beautiful, positive and made by nature. Think clear, luminous, the quality of catching the sunlight or moonlight when it’s shining just for you.


Tools to Sparkle:

 Oat milk foundation – Light Medium
 Pure rice powder - My Blush
 Versatile vanilla highlighter - Falling Star
 Real Rosehip Lipbar - Life
 Organic jojoba eye pencil - brown
 Waterproof mascara black


    How To:


    For this look, it’s all about natural beauty with a touch of shimmer & shine.


    FACE: Apply a light layer of foundation to the face, starting in the middle and blending out to the edges. A gentle dusting of rice powder will give healthy colour to the face – apply in circular motions to the cheeks.


    EYES: Apply a  layer of foundation to the eyelids. Use brown eye pencil to line the bottom eyelid. 2 applications of waterproof mascara to thicken lashes and add some shine.  


    LIPS: Our nourishing lipar in life gives a glossy red tint.


    TO FINISH: It’s got to be Falling Star! Welcome to our versatile vanilla highlighter, our favourite product that makes you feel special. Apply the highlighter to the cheekbones and upper arch of the eye bone, below the brow.


    Go out into the world and feel great!


    (We love quartz crystal. You can keep a piece near your bed for better sleep, near your computer to help you stay calm, or a little piece in your pocket to take some positive energy everywhere you go.)


    Make-up Ere Perez by Katiana Salinas


    Model: Raquel Carvalho Ramos: @the_seed_of_life. She is a dietitian from Brazil, who settled in Australia 5 years ago. She believes in food as a way of nourishment & respect to our bodies. As a reiki practitioner she trusts that energy plays a big role in our health and how we respond to life. Recently she started her own business @theoakbranches which are handmade salt bath, gratitude jar, herbal teas, barks and flowers that balance your chakras while giving the feeling of connection with nature and internal peace. Her secret ingredient is: Whatever you do, do it with Love


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