eco snowman

eco snowman

If you want to build a snow man… Make your own snowman out of recycled material from home. I am not sure why but we’re always missing 1 sock from the pair… where they go is still a mystery. But not to worry, I have the perfect use for those lonely socks. Build them into a lovely snowman!


1. What you’ll need:

◦ 1 white sock
◦ 1 coloured sock
◦ Rice
◦ Rubber bands
◦ Glue gun
◦ Buttons
◦ Paint
◦ Paint brush
◦ Coloured pom poms
◦ Scissors
◦ Ribbon


    2. Snow man`s body

    Fill the white sock with rice. Use 2 rubber bands, one to make the body and the 2nd to make the head then cut off what’s left of the sock.


    3. Give him personality

    Now with the glue gun paste on 3 buttons to the body (lower part of the sock). Draw on the face (upper part of the sock) eyes and mouth. Using the glue gun paste 1 pom pom as a nose. Use our Rice Powder – Bondi blush to add a bit of colour to its cheeks.


    4. Let’s cover him up

    Add a scarf with ribbon, this going around the middle rubber band to hide it. Using the 2nd coloured sock, cut it just before the heel. Roll it up as a hat, then glue it to the top of the face as a hat. This will cover up the 2nd rubber band.


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