embrace your best features

embrace your best features

Makeup used to be to cover over and hide the skin – thankfully, those days are gone!


We are all about using makeup to allow your natural beauty to shine. Most of the time we want to look like we didn’t try too hard, we haven’t spent hours in front of the mirror and we want our skin to breathe, rather than be overwhelmed by a thick layer of daily makeup. Plus, a more minimal approach to makeup can actually highlight your best features. So if you want to draw attention your eyes, your lips or your cheekbones, make your face a neutral palette with natural makeup, and then spend more time on the area you want to draw attention to. For a natural look, less is definitely more and it’s all about where you put the focus.


(natural products are always better for the eyes. They are living organs that don’t really enjoy toxins or chemicals, so treat your eyes kindly with beautiful products that look after them properly.


Here’s a quick recipe for a natural look to embrace the eyes – those precious windows to the soul... 



 Oat milk foundation - Light
 Moisturising macadamia lip colour – Me
 Natural almond oil eyebrow pencil
 Almond oil mascara
 Creative chamomile eye duo – Shade of your choice 



    By keeping the face natural and neutral, a hint of colour around the eyes and glossy mascara on the lashes will make your eyes the feature of your face.

    1. Apply a light layer of foundation to the face.
    2. Blend! Now you have your base, the perfect palette to let the eyes really shine.
    3. Choose an eyeshadow that naturally highlights the eye colour. Purple is great for blue eyes! Apply the shadow to the eyelid from inner eye to outer eye.
    4. Groom the eyebrows with the eybrow pencil – gently fill in any gaps with the pencil and finish off with the brush, sweeping hairs into a perfect arch.
    5. One lick of natural mascara to finish.
    6. Blink and see how your eyes shine!


      We have chosen shades to suit a fair complexion. Find the ones to suit your own lovely complexion.


      Makeup by Emmily Banks, makeup artist. http://www.depthsofbeauty.com.au/ Model: Ruth Bowers.


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