ere perez skincare - for a good skin day

ere perez skincare - for a good skin day

powerhouse botanical skincare

15 years working with natural makeup has lead Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics to a new venture. We now offer the whole package - healthy skin for a flawless complexion. The ideal face care range; unique Australian made products suitable for everyone and anytime, jam packed with active botanicals to protect, support and maintain a soft, hydrated and healthy complexion.


We are so proud of our botanical skincare essentials for a good skin day, every day!



herbal face tonic


revive + refresh + balance

Revive tired skin with this refreshing botanical face mist. A balancing tonic that hydrates and instantly tones, giving a herbal lift to your complexion. Green tea, witch hazel, citrus, geranium, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid & rosemary make this a favourite pick-me-up tonic to enhance skin’s natural luminosity and balance your complexion.


how to apply

1. Spritz face 2-3 times after cleansing and before moisturising.
2. Use throughout the day to refresh & hydrate skin
3. Can be applied over makeup.



    quandong green booster serum


    boost + support + nourish

    Give your skin a green boost with a superfood smoothie for the face! A gel-like serum of powerful ingredients helps deliver enzymes, antioxidants & vitamins straight to the skin.


    Quandong, chlorophyll, spinach & raspberry seed feature for a glowing, hydrated complexion. Support healthy supple skin with your daily dose of greens


    how to apply

    1. Gently rub 1-4 drops of serum into face, neck and décolletage after cleansing and toning.
    2. Follow with moisturiser.
    3. Use morning and night.



      australian blue cypress face nectar


      revitalize + hydrate + nurture

      A light everyday nectar infused with powerful botanical oils for revitalized dewy skin. Enriched with Australian blue cypress, camellia, jasmine flower, jojoba, cedar wood & rice to calm and radically hydrate skin. Prime your skin for a lifting glow & youthful complexion.


      how to apply:

      1. Gently rub 2-4 drops of nectar together in the palm of your hand to warm.
      2. Then apply evenly with fingertips to face, neck and décolletage morning and night.


        *For a flawless & luminous look, you can add a drop to your foundation and apply to face.



        cranberry lip & eye butter


        moisturise + regenerate + protect

        Regenerate delicate skin with this deeply moisturising skin butter for lips & eyes. Formulated to help reduce puffiness around the eyes and aid in adding moisture to fine lines around lips. Promotes youthful, hydrated skin with rich shea butter, cranberry & cucumber. Extreme protection for lip and eye areas, day & night.


        how to apply

        1. Cleanse and dry skin.
        2. Gently press butter around the eye and lip areas, blend softly into skin.
        3. Follow with moisturiser.
        4. Use morning and night for greatest results.



          papaya sos marmalade


          repair + protect + rescue

          Rescue your skin with this vital soothe-all balm. Ultra-repairing for face, hands, feet, body and even hair. Your all-in-one remedy that melts into skin. With fermented papaya extract for healing, coconut, hemp & chia. Perfect skin protection for home and travel.


          how to apply

          1. Apply to improve and protect lips, hands, cuticles, scars, heels, split ends, insect bites, scrapes, bruises or problem skin.
          2. Rub until the product has absorbed.
          3. Gently removes makeup - melt product into face and wash off with a warm face cloth.


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