every decision counts

every decision counts

We live in an amazing time where we face huge environmental and social challenges, but we are also more equipped than ever to deal with these challenges and to meet them with creativity and innovation. The rise of the conscious consumer provides a unique opportunity for brands to see further than the traditional horizon of simply ‘doing enough’.


The goalposts have shifted and today, consumers are demanding more ethical, sustainable and environmentally-aware operations in many industries including the beauty and health market. This is great news!


You’ll be pleased to know that Ere Perez has committed to the United Nations Global Compact register. This is a voluntary initiative encouraging companies to implement universal sustainability principles. Effectively, by enacting changes to our business operations, strategies and culture, we are becoming a more sustainable company. In doing so, we thoroughly embrace the Ten Principles of the Global Compact that deal with issues of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. (Please find more information here: https://www.unglobalcompact.org/) 


We have always had your best interests at heart by striving to deliver the most natural, toxin free products, adapting our formulas as technology and knowledge changes. We now extend this to a belief in our responsibility towards the planet including people and the environment.


We hope this inclusion in our corporate values will not only enhance us as a brand, but also as individuals. Imagine if we all lived with an effort to be as sustainable as possible? For our lives to be examples of positive change and a world where we cherish and protect rather than use and destroy?


There is so much good that we can all do, and when you see the UN logo on our products, let it stand as a sign of our intention to be the most sustainable company we can possibly be. We are for sustainability and social responsibility and you can be assured that we take this very seriously. We are forging ahead, breaking new ground and we are so glad to have you on this journey with us. Every decision we make towards this end allows you to have a better impact on the planet by your consumer choices. This is a powerful time where anything is possible, it really can be win-win for all of us – including the environment.


In all the ways we can, let us steer our world in the right direction, by the daily choices that we make towards sustainability and caring for society in all that we do. This is how we create a better world for ourselves, and the generations that will come after us.


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