eyes on you

eyes on you

Like precious gems, we all have different sides of ourselves. Our moods can change like weather and in a day we engage multiple parts of who we are. This is what makes us special! No woman has the exact same blend of uniqueness. How we feel changes, and so does how we look. Our skin looks and feels different whether we are tired, happy, dehydrated, well-rested or have been in the sun. No matter how we are feeling or what we wear, our eyes convey our inner world. Whether we are wearing the ‘hat’ of colleague, mother, sister, partner, lover, daughter or friend – our eyes speak our truth. So, let’s make the most of them.


Our natural eyeshadow formulas are calming and friendly to sensitive eyes so you can say goodbye to red eyes.


Personally, I am a big fan of eyeshadow. I wear it almost every day! Being pregnant, I am conscious of what I apply topically as well as eat. I particularly love the natural formulas and soothing ingredients in the Ere Perez eyeshadows. I am the Communications Executive for Ere Perez, and recently had some fun in the studio creating a look, using our chamomile eye palette – pretty.


Here's what I used:

    This makeup look is all about creating the perfect canvas to define your eyes. Have a play, we know you’ll love it!