festive faces

festive faces

The year is almost done! December is all about wrapping up the hard work, holiday parties, get-togethers and hopefully – lots of smiles! Feeling happy on the inside, shines out. That’s why we focus on wellbeing & health and also makeup. We want you to be happy in your skin, and enhance that with our beautiful makeup and skincare. Of course, there’s days when we just don’t feel it, and times that are challenging, but this December, we wish you a festive time, a deep smile on your face and reasons to celebrate! Even saying – wow, look how far I’ve come – is a great way to reflect and feel grateful. Here’s to laughter, feeling merry & glossy smiles that light up the room. Happiness is infectious. Let’s share the joy!


Look #1 – FRESH!
Moringa all beauty crème




1. Prepare your face with a layer of oat milk foundation – mocha.


2. Even skin tone with arnica concealer – mocha, apply over redness or blemishes.

3. Apply vanilla highlighter – sun halo to cheekbones!

4. Colour up those cheeks with carrot colour pot – happy.

5. Blend in your fav shade from chamomile eye palette – gorgeous.


6. For best lasts: natural almond mascara – black.

7. Tidy eyebrows with aloe gel lash & brow mascara – clear.

8. Fill in brows with almond brow pencil perfect.

9. For that festive smile - wild pansy tinted balm – dream.



** MOCHA – in both oat milk foundation & arnica concealer is a great shade for darker tones of skin. Breathable, luxurious textures – try it out!


Model Noodle lives in Australia. Photography by Hiram Martinez and makeup by Katiana Salinas.