follow your dreams

follow your dreams

Athena Savvas is the Founder and Visionary of Meet Her, a boutique events company which empowers young women & women in the workplace to find their potential. Athena is also the Director of Not-for-Profit Director of The Spark Fund. A project supporting entrepreneurial young women to transform their ideas into reality.


"Find a disposable plastic cup. Pour a bit of water in it. Find a lighter. Place the lighter under the cup, and set it alight.


Do you see?


You are the cup, the flame is the sh*t and hardships that life throws at you and the water is your purpose.


Find your purpose so you can be strong when under pressure, so you can be resilient in times of set-back and so you can be unstoppable in the face of obstacles. When you have a purpose the only option is forward, the concept of quitting or giving up simply does not exist.


Having a core purpose benefits you in many ways, with research finding that having a purpose leads to higher levels of well-being, life satisfaction, self-acceptance and even safeguards you from both physical and mental illness, minimises experiences of negative emotions and reduces stress.


This is not a new trick or something you have not heard before, and yet many have not found their purpose. For those that have, it has often been an 'effortful and deliberate search' to find it. Are you ready to begin the journey to find yours?


Now you may think, how does one discover their purpose? Let me help you.


What are you most passionate about/frustrates you/brings you joy/gives you boundless energy?


Once you have answered that (with one or more answers!), reflect on why.


Why does _____ make you feel that way? Keep answering, then ask yourself why again, until you get to the core.


Now what?


Channel this energy into a vision, of what you want to do or what you wish to achieve. In here lies the beginning of your future, the next step you will take in this chapter of your life. See your vision clearly, be open-minded to it changing (because it will), then think to yourself, how?


Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Make it count. "


Article by Athena Savvas : Web, Instagram : @athena_savvas, @meetherau, @thesparkfund


Photocredit : Chris Ralston by Unsplash.