foundation perfection

foundation perfection

Celebrating the launch of our new-formula natural liquid foundation, packaged in a sleek new tube and made to glide on. Creamy texture, non-greasy and a light finish that is long-lasting. The coverage on this foundation is medium, with one application. After blending, we recommend letting it settle on the skin for 30 seconds. For full coverage, you can apply a second layer – and your skin will still be able to breathe. Santina, from Switzerland, wears oat milk foundation, highlighting the buildable formula that gets you the perfect coverage you’re after...


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What you need

 oat milk foundation
 arnica concealer
 vanilla highlighter – falling star
 corn translucent powder
 rice powder blush & bronzer – roma
 natural almond mascara – black
 almond brow pencil – perfect


    ere perez oat milk foundation To a clean face, apply oat milk foundation with our eco vegan multipurpose brush. Start with the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) then apply to cheeks. Blend well. Apply another layer if desired!


    1. Arnica concealer expertly matches your foundation, useful under the eyes and to cover any blemishes. Use our eco vegan lip & conceal brush.
    2. Set your complexion with a single dusting of corn translucent powder applied with our eco vegan kabuki brush.
    3. Highlight arch of eyebrows and cheek bones with a dab of vanilla highlighter - falling star.
    4. Add natural colour with rice powder blush & bronzer – roma, apply sparingly all over the face with eco vegan blush & bronze brush. For more colour, apply a 2nd layer to cheeks.
    5. Finish off by accentuating your eyes with natural almond mascara – black applied to top & bottom lashes.
    6. Fix up eyebrows with natural almond brow pencil – perfect, fill in any gaps with a light colouring in.


      Your face is fabulous! Enjoy yourself!


      Model: Santina, Makeup artist: Katiana Salinas, Photography: Hiram Martinez.


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