fresh-faced beauty

fresh-faced beauty

Fresh linen. Fresh flowers. Freshly brewed coffee and baked bread in the morning. Fresh-faced beauty is about small things that make us smile. It’s that glow we get from simple routines, lazy mornings and naps in the afternoons. Everyday luxury can be as simple as a hot bath and a face mask. Or painting our nails in a patch of sunlight.  We’ve created a look that matches this mood, starting with a treat for lashes!


Did you know? Our spectacular eyelash curler delivers the perfect curl by gently pressing lashes instead of pinching & pulling. With hypoallergenic white silicone rubber + chrome – fresh lashes are just one easy step away!  


1. Put on your fav playlist and create a boho natural beauty look with our collection below.  
2. Freshen up your lashes and curl to perfection with our spectacular eyelash curler.  
3. Keep lips hydrated and fresh! Switch up your lip colour throughout the day with wild pansy lipbars.  


    spectacular eyelash curler | oat milk foundation - chai | arnica concealer - chai | vanilla highlighter - sun halo | rice powder blush & bronzer – roma | avocado waterproof mascara - black | aloe gel lash & brow mascara – clear | almond brow pencil - perfect | wild pansy tinted lipbar – love (pink) wild pansy tinted lipbar- wish (orange) | wild pansy tinted lipbar– hope (purple)