fresh is best

fresh is best

There’s nothing better than that fresh feeling. Clean sheets, a hot shower after a busy day and fresh fruit & veg. Of course – we love fresh skin! Some days we feel fresh from the inside out. We feel healthy, calm and clear in our lives. We leave the house with bare glowing skin! Other days, we have to fake our ‘freshness’. Maybe we didn’t sleep well, are a little sick, or have a breakout we wish we didn’t have. For these days, makeup is our best friend to give us the appearance of freshness.

Here are 2 ways to fresh skin:  


Look #1


All you need is your freshly washed skin! Add a dash of our moringa all-beauty crème and feel the glow all day long.


Look #2


oat milk foundation – honey | arnica concealer – honey | vanilla highlighter - falling star | carrot colour pots – harmony | natural almond mascara – black | aloe gel lash & brow mascara – clear | chamomile eye palette – lovely | almond brow pencil - perfect | cacao lip colour – wander (purple)


1. Cleanse your face.
2. Create a smooth complexion with oat milk foundation – honey & arnica concealer – honey.
3. Dab carrot colour pots – harmony onto cheeks.
4. For eyes:
◦ Choose your favourite shade in chamomile eye palette – lovely & apply to eyelids
◦ Coat lashes with natural almond mascara – black
◦ Neaten brows with almond brow pencil - perfect & follow with a coat of aloe gel lash & brow mascara – clear


    Model Joanna is from Australia, makeup by Katiana Salinas, photography by Hiram Martinez.