from mum to daughter

from mum to daughter

I remember when I was a little girl and I used to watch my mum doing her makeup. I was amazed. I loved the colours, the powders and the sparkles. I can say that the person who started me on makeup was my mum. And I’m very thankful that the person I love the most is a connection to my passion. 


When we are young, the moment we start using makeup is as important as the day we buy our first bra or our first pair of heels. We all remember the first time we applied liner and the fear we had of poking our eye. So what´s better than taking this step that connects us more as mother and daughter in a fun and relaxed way.


That´s why I’m going to give you some tips to guide your daughter to a clean, conscious & curious beauty lifestyle.


First of all, it is important to leave prohibitions aside. Since I was young, makeup has been a way of expression and I´m thankful that my mum never tried to control or change that part of me. Of course, I have looks that I totally regret now haha, but it is all an exciting learning process. And because of that, we need to cultivate in our little BFF the knowledge that what we put on our skin is very important; not just for health but also our environment.



My mum taught me that it is better to take care of our skin and keep it healthy while we’re young rather than use hundreds of creams to try repair damaged skin when we´re older. In that way we can feel just as good when we aren’t wearing makeup as we do when we are.


Remember that her skin is young and still produces collagen, so we won’t include any anti-aging products in her routine.


The ginkgo micellar water is perfect for everyday cleansing. It is great to remove makeup and clean a little deeper to help avoid the annoying blackheads.


Our herbal face tonic will help to balance the skin and to stop excessive oil production.


For moisturising, use the Moringa all- beauty crème as a facial moisturiser and the SOS marmalade for any other dry spots on her lips, body, nails etc.



For every day I recommend calendula powder foundation. Perfect for sensitive skin, with light coverage and satin finish; It will help to heal the pimples of the teenage years. For a more special occasion our quinoa water foundation will give a unified tone and fresh matte look.



Let’s remember that the fun part are the colours. So for the blush I recommend the carrot colour pots, the tones healthyharmony and hello. Remind her that less is more, we want to enhance her youthful glow, not make her look 20 years older.



The jojoba eye pencils are the must have. Let her use her creativity to experiment with the colours and soft textures. She can frame her eyes by using them as a liner, smokey liner or an eyeshadow.


For the lashes the aloe gel clear mascara to lift the lashes & give a soft look. And to stand out on the eyes, I love the natural almond mascara in brown.



And for the cherry on top, the lips. Soft, shiny, moisturised lips. The cacao lip colour lipsticks in the tones sway, play or dash will give the right amount of hydration and repair dry lips with a lovely splash of colour that she can build up as she wishes.


Experimenting and being curious is essential to discovering our likes and forming our identity. Give your daughter a chance to let her creativity loose on this process, by doing so you can share many more experiences together.


Models Gosia and 12 y.o. Isabella are mum and daughter. With a mix of Polish and Mexican background, Isabella was born in Germany and now lives in Australia.


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