get clean

get clean

Cleaning our skin after a long day, after a party, when we are just so tired from the gym or a hot yoga class – is now easier than ever. Gone are the three-step routines. For busy lives – here’s our ginkgo micellar water!


Some days you have the energy to wash your face, but just cannot be bothered to get out your eye makeup remover, cotton pads, and start wiping at your tired eyes. The next day – you wake up with panda eyes. Well, now you can do it all at once with our natural micellar water.

Our micellar water is a 100% natural skin cleanser. It doubles as a face wash & makeup remover. It’s our best all-in-one, especially good at removing eye makeup. Micellar water is a true multitasker. It helps you to cleanse your skin of dirt, grease, pollutants, makeup, sweat and mascara in one application.


We crafted our micellar water with aloe vera – which hydrates as it cleans, so you won’t be left with dried-out or stinging skin. We’ve also included ginkgo biloba leaf extract to boost your complexion with antioxidants. There’s zero alcohol, palm derivatives or artificial fragrances.


Ginkgo micellar water is for long days, beach trips, travel, tired nights, lazy days and long weekends. Use it daily, take it in your suitcase, or exercise bag. Your skin will feel refreshed, cleansed and hydrated.


Get ginkgo!


Model Emma is from Australia, Burce is from Turkey. Photography by Hiram Martinez.