Give love

Give love

To our global community  


The current pandemic has temporarily changed life as we know it. Words like ‘quarantine’, ‘isolation’ and ‘lockdown’ are used daily.  While we focus on health, wellness & immunity, it is also vital to keep our collective spirits up by practicing gratitude, boosting our immunity, accepting this time of pause, getting creative where we can and remembering our resilience. We are all in this together.


We are focused on leading with generosity.
#timetogive is our campaign focused in promoting generosity during these difficult times.


OUR TEAM – we have retained all of our staff at this time. We have also offered extra work to friends during this uncertain period. Each individual in our team is giving their best efforts, above and beyond, to support each other and the creators of this beautiful brand. We are more of a family now than ever, and continue to thrive in new and changing circumstances, using technology to stay connected.


OUR RETAILERS – our retailers are important to us and are part of the larger Ere Perez family. We are offering extra margins during this difficult time. In addition, we are offering gifts-with-purchases and other promotions to their audiences. If you are a retailer, please contact us to put a plan together.


OUR CUSTOMERS – we are so grateful for our amazing friends and loyal fans, built over many years. Thank you for loving us at this time, and we hope you feel the love back from us! We have been doing giveaways, special discounts, free shipping and surprise gifts-with-purchase. Stay connected so you don’t miss opportunities.


COLLABS – we are collaborating with some great local brands to contributing to keeping this gorgeous community afloat.


CONNECTION – you’ll see extra online content, video, at-home beauty tips and much more in our journal, newsletter and socials. We are supporting influencers, beauty editors and makeup artists with platforms & ideas for at-home content. We are all part of a circle of beauty and our ties are strong and uplifting for us all. CONNECT HERE.


LET US KNOW – if you have any ideas for how we can reach out and help during this time, please get in touch and share your ideas:


COMMUNITY KINDNESS - We are donating 10% from sales of our '10 beauty stars', to support HeartDancers who are supporting vulnerable communities in Australia at this time. Discover the beauty stars here.


THANKING FRONTLINE WORKERS - During April we discounted our papaya sos marmaldes, and matched sales to donate to those on the frontline. We were able to donate nourishing hand balms to The Royal Melbourne Hospital and NWS Health as a small gesture of thanks from us & our community.


YOU CAN GIVE TOO: Let’s channel our uncertainty into doing good for others. Here are some ideas:


DONATE TO FOODBANK: You can support vulnerable people during COVID-19 by donating today.  



image by Kelly Sikkema