"G is for going Green and getting that Glow". Becky Crisp, Founder of Wild Spirit Naturally and holistic beauty therapist, gives us her expert tips on how to achieve that GLOW all year round using natural and organic skincare.


From the moment you rise in the morning, your beauty endures a tiring stream of assaults from the outside. The average person has applied a minimum of 10 products to themselves before the days over and around 130 chemicals are absorbed through the blood stream.


Your skin is so special, so here's all the importance bits to know:


◦ That amazing skin you’re wrapped in is your largest organ.
◦ Your skin absorbs 60%- 90% of the ingredients you place on it.
◦ Within as little 26 seconds these ingredients are swimming around your bloodstream.


    Everything your body absorbs and digests, impacts the way your body functions, looks and feels. Many of the toxic ingredients found in mainstream beauty products can be directly linked to:


    ◦ skin conditions and irritations;
    ◦ hormonal dysfunction;
    ◦ premature aging;
    ◦ impaired vital organ function; and
    ◦ tumors and cancers.


      Keeping your skin healthy



      A common benefit of facial cleansing is the removal of dirt, oil and other unwanted debris. Throughout the day the skin on your face is continually covered with bacteria, pollutants, viruses, dirt, and old (dead) skin cells. Daily facial washing removes these impurities to give the skin a fresh look. Without washing, your skin would be covered with a thick layer of dirt and grime which make it difficult for other products to penetrate the skin properly.


      Oil cleanse

      Tiny glands under the skin produce oil called sebum to protect the skin from the dangers of the outside world. These glands use hair follicles within the skin as a pathway, allowing the oil to reach the skins surface (outer layer) to form a barrier that prevents the penetration of bacteria or other harmful agents. Excessive dirt build up and makeup on the surface can cause blockages of the follicle, trapping sebum, sweat, and dead skin cells. The lack of sebum on the skins surface allows bacteria to penetrate the follicle causing inflammation. The final result is acne. Proper skin cleansing clears pores of debris to prevent dirt buildup, allowing the sebum oil to reach the skin surface unimpeded; decreasing the chances of a breakout and inflammation.



      Regular facial toning (along with the use of a good moisturizer) is an important factor in helping the skin maintain a proper level of hydration. Dehydrated skin looks and feels rough, wrinkled and aged. Toning helps manage PH levels of the skin; enabling sufficient water and product retention.


      Oil treatment

      Oil Treatment oils are incredibly effective for most skin types. I recommend using oils in the evening, as this is when the skin is at rest (and the air is usually driest at night) so the oil can repair and protect your skin while you sleep.



      There are many good reasons to use a facial moisturizer. Keeping the skin hydrated is an important step toward keeping it healthy and radiant. Facial moisturisers can increase the moisture level of the stratum corneum, prevent skin from drying out, protect your skin against free- radical damage and, if the moisturiser contains a sunscreen, also protect against sun damage.



      When old skin cells start to pile up on the surface of the skin, it can leave skin looking dull, rough, and dry. Furthermore, the buildup of dead skin cells can result in excess oil and clogged pores, leading to blemishes and acne. Exfoliating regularly (1-2 times a week) help to remove this buildup and to keep the skin looking fresh and healthy.



      Using a facial masque weekly works to treat whatever condition is going on with your skin, whether your concern be dryness, dehydration, acne, or aging skin. Depending on the ingredients, facial masques can tighten and tone the skin, draw out impurities from the pores, help clear up blemishes, nourish the skin, hydrate the skin, calm and soothe the skin, and give it a rejuvenated appearance.


      Eye treatment

      The skin around the eyes is more fragile, more prone to dryness, and quicker to show age and fatigue then the rest of the face. Squinting and constant movement of the eyes also hasten the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and fluids collect under the eyes and cause puffiness and dark circles. Eye creams can address some of these issues and deeply hydrate without causing any irritation.


      Lip balm

      Who doesn’t want hydrated, glossy lips? The skin on your lips is thinner than your facial skin. So in case you are suffering from chapped and dry lips, using a lip balm will ensure that your lips are well hydrated and they heal faster."


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