goddess nectar

goddess nectar

The in-between seasons can affect skin just as much as winter and summer. The only difference is, sometimes we forget this! When it’s not icy cold of blazing hot, we can feel like our skin is taken care of as its not assaulted by the elements in extreme ways. We can relax a little in our skin routine and beauty rituals.


We are all about a fuss-free lifestyle, but our skin needs our attention all year round. In spring and autumn/fall, we still need to nourish our skin as it recovers from what has just been and gets ready for the season ahead. In fact, often the prep work we do at these times can see our skin through a snowy winter or a humid summer. You may not need an intensive night cream or lip treatment in these months, but an all-purpose facial oil is perfect for lighter weather.


For the goddess you are – we’ve crafted a boutique facial nectar of pure botanicals to keep you glowing.  Our face nectar is so luscious and full of goodness, it can be used morning and night for a youthful dewy complexion and your best youthful skin. The finish is non-oily, just how you like it, and created to reduces signs of sun & weather damage.


For anyone who needs a little divine nectar in their life – you can share your face nectar with the men in your life who also need a reminder to care for skin. Here’s the natural brilliance we’ve included for your skin:

◦ australian blue cypress oil = soothes skin
◦ camellia oil =ultra hydrating & absorbs so quickly into the skin because its molecular weight is a near-match to that of human skin. 
◦ cedarwood oil = relieves dryness
◦ grape seed oil = brightens skin
◦ frankincense = tones & youthens
◦ jasmine flower extract = anti-aging
◦ jojoba seed oil = restores balance & moisture

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