good keywords

good keywords

There are so many products to choose from these days. We want it all: performance, longevity, the right price. If you’re conscious of the environment, you want your purchases to make as little impact as possible. So what does this mean?


When we start to be aware of the huge amount of energy it takes to product a single item – in terms of electricity, water, human hands and other resources, it changes the way we view the world. You only have to watch one video of all the rubbish in the ocean to feel a little overwhelmed. We live in this beautiful world, but it seems so much of what we do is having a negative impact!


The positive of all of this is the rise in sustainable / ethical / natural products. As society realises the problems we have caused, we are sorting out solutions. When shopping, always look behind the product to the brand story. What are their values? What do they stand for? What do they believe in? How are they trying to make a positive difference?


Keywords to look for:

◦ Sustainable – commitment to sustainable practices in ingredients and/or packaging
◦ Cruelty free – commitment to no testing on animals or animals harmed for ingredients
◦ Ethical – values that support the environment and communities
◦ Organic – created without the use of chemicals
◦ Natural – natural based formulations with lower chemical levels
◦ Certified – claims made are backed up by an independent body
◦ Vegan – made without animal products


    Your favourite products may not have all of these, but any brand that is committing to one or more of these values is taking a step in the right direction. You may notice that over time, these brands evolve and change to add more to the list. Your support helps inspire new creativity and ideas about how we can all do things better in the world.


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