green travels

green travels

Have you ever thought about being more sustainable on your trip? Sounds tricky, but the truth is that it is only about making simple choices before & during your journey. You may ask yourselves how much of an impact do I have and what difference will it make? The answer is a big one and it is simple and easy decisions that make this possible. 


Here are some tips to make this easier for you and give you less to think about during your stay:


Start from home when you are packing for a green trip.


Think space and weight wise for a more responsible trip. I am one of those people that would usually take the full shampoo & conditioner when they go travelling… not practical at all. When I became aware of all the space I was taking up only on that, I decided to look for other options.  As I was putting my makeup on, I realised my Ere Perez containers were perfect for the job. As soon as I finished with the product inside, I gave them a good wash and they were ready to go as my toiletry containers.


◦ Oat milk foundation container fill it in with shampoo, conditioner, body wash.
◦ Calendula container fill it in with body & face moisturizer
◦ Carrot balm container fill it in with smaller quantity item like eye cream, lip balm.


    If you can travel by train, bus or ship then do as they will have less impact to the environment. When you are booking a flight then try to book nonstop flights, this will reduce the airplanes carbon emission.


    In hotels, reuse your towels and Turn lights, air con and electronic appliances off. 


    Enjoy your travels in the city or town by walking, riding a bike or using public transport.


    Make sure you have a reusable water bottle with you to save from having to buy multiple disposable bottles. Recycle or return paper tourist information.


    Have a green travel!


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