happy new year to all of our beautiful friends!

happy new year to all of our beautiful friends!

2017 is here with the fresh energy of a new start and new possibilities. How was the festive season for you? I always find it such a balance between celebrations, spending time with family and fitting in some much needed leisure time as well. Modern life can be very busy indeed, even on holidays!


This year I took my family back to my roots, to Mexico. We had a wonderful time reconnecting with relatives and exploring a place so dear to my heart. I feel very inspired to bring this creatively into our brand for this year. It seems these days that we are all from somewhere else, or have people we love who live overseas or in different cities – it really is a global community we are all part of and I hope you were able to connect with your loved ones recently in meaningful ways.


The holiday season is about family and friends, but can also be about indulgence. Rich foods, sun or snow, siestas and sleepins, a time to relax the routine and just be. Lucky January is here to remind us to put our health and wellbeing back on the agenda! It’s a great time to ease off the sugar, flush out the toxins with a detox or juice cleanse, and begin to work exercise back into our daily lives. I believe the new year is a powerful time to set goals, make plans and really decide how you want to spend the next 12 months. I’ll share with you one of my main aims for this year – to focus on teaching my children simple rules for life… like gratitude and kindness. I always try to bring these values into our lives, but now more than ever I want to make sure they know that being grateful and compassionate are keys to happiness.


We have many exciting things coming and I wish you all the very best in seeing what 2017 has to offer you. May we all be blessed with much happiness and inspiration this year.


Love, Ere


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