healing wild pansy

healing wild pansy

Based is Sydney Australia, Fran is passionate by flowers and founder of her new florist brand "Polyanthi" (which would translate as ‘many flowers’ in ancient Greek). She has been inspired by our new Wild Pansy Tinted Lipbar and shares some information about this precious wild flower.


“Ere Perez have taken inspiration from the healing herb wild pansy for their new tinted lip bar collection


This bold and beautiful little flowering herb grows all over the world. It’s known for its ability to flourish under harsh conditions and has been used for centuries by traditional healers. 


The wild pansy is widely believed to treat skin ailments. Healers particularly value its anti inflammatory properties.


Ere Perez have taken the extract from the flowers to create a nourishing, vegan product to protect and beautify your lips.


The wild pansy’s petals are mostly a dramatic combination of purple, yellow and white. The lip bars, with their rosy blushed tints, also look lush and dramatic. 


And they’ll also protect your lips from the daily grind of life. 


Wild pansy was also believed to be good for the heart, hence its popular name “heartease”. 


Who knew your lip tint could touch your heartstrings?”


Article by Francesca Papas: Instagram @flowersbyfrancesca