Keep active!

Keep active!

As we have mentioned before, there are so many ways to boost your mood and one of the best is keeping yourself active. Exercise should be a necessity in our daily routine. It helps to not only keep a balanced weight, but to improve sleep cycles and quality, combat illness and boost energy.


Many people struggle to find time for exercise due to busy schedules or lack of resources, but it's important to make time for it! There are so many ways to get active, whether you have access to a gym, park or the comfort of your own living room and here's a small routine you can do in under 25 minutes.


Do all exercises for 1 minute and repeat 3-4 times.

◦ Walking lunges
◦ Squats
◦ Plank
◦ Crunches
◦ Rest for 1 minute 
◦ Squat arm curl
◦ Lunge jumps
◦ Crunches
◦ Rest!


    It is important when partaking in any physical exercise that you drink plenty of fluids, stretch adequately before and after exercise, and stop when you need to.


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