healthy pregnancy

healthy pregnancy

Amy Malpass Hahn lives in Sydney with her three loves – husband Scott, and sons Isaac (3) and Charlie (brand new!). She is the Marketing Director at Barre Body, and also the co-founder of The Ten Active maternity activewear and marketing consultancy The Communication Studio.


“Like most women with a social media account, my vision of pregnancy (before actually falling pregnant, of course) was a beautiful one. Just like my carefully curated (and secret) “Pregnancy” Pinterest board, my pregnancies would be all green smoothies, meditation and crystal cleanses. Fit, healthy, zen mama-to-be, with that smug glow that comes with creating life.


That is, until reality set in and as a newly pregnant woman, I was taught my first true lesson of motherhood – that children will laugh in the face of any well-laid plans (even while in utero). Smoothies became peanut butter toast, morning meditations gave way to morning sickness, and all fitness fell to the wayside as I realised that the only running I’d be doing was to the bathroom.


However, as I entered the latter half of my pregnancy and finally came up for air, I was determined to find some quick fixes to see me begin to resemble the calm, natural mother-to-be I’d envisaged. Here are the top products and practices that not only gave me an inner sense of calm while growing my baby, but made me feel like maybe – just maybe – I might have that glow.


A gentle exercise practice In my opinion, Barre Body is the ideal exercise for women, with its gentle yet effective mix of yoga, Pilates and ballet barre conditioning. Even more so during pregnancy, as it allows for safe adjustments to ensure you feel the infamous burn, while creating a sense of mental clarity. (Their Online Studio also has a specific Pregnancy Program.) Worn with a pair of The Ten Active leggings that are made to support a growing bump, I felt safe, comfortable and even a little stylish while taking care of my body.


A natural beauty regime There’s nothing like pregnancy to see you take stock of every chemical that touches your body. Thankfully, cleaning up your beauty practices is now not only possible, but completely enjoyable, with some incredibly beautiful and effective natural beauty brands available. Skincare from Edible Beauty and Vanessa Megan, and make up from Ere Perez, make natural beautification better than ever.


An uplifting social media edit If you can find one pregnant woman or new mother who feels good about herself after ogling celebrities’ perfect bumps, babies and post-birth bodies on social media, I’d be surprised. Use this time to edit out people and brands who leave you feeling anything but uplifted, inspired or entertained. You’ll be spending countless hours on your phone, so make them count.


A calming end-of-day ritual Even if all else in your day goes pear-shaped, ending the day with a calming cup of herbal tea (raspberry leaf if you’re in your last trimester!) and some gentle stretches can make all right in the world again. Now that I have a newborn, a toddler, a job and a business, I’m almost certain that these continued practices are all that keep me sane (along with the occasional glass of red). As for that glow? Well, let’s just thank Ere Perez for her highlighter.


Article by Amy Malpass Hahn: The Ten Active, The Communication Studio.


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