hello & harmony: all about these beauties

hello & harmony: all about these beauties

We LOVE colour. It brightens a day, a mood and a look.


Today we announce our favourite new carrot colour pots to join the family.


 HELLO is a bright poppy flower red.
 HARMONY is a sweet dusty pink colour.


    You can use them as a lip cream and a colour blush! In case you don’t know about brilliant little multi-tasking colour pots, here are the vital details:


    Made with carrot, our versatile colour pots are creams for cheeks and lips. Adding instant colour, they are hydrating, full of antioxidants and vegan. With a mirror lid for on-the-go application and touch ups. Waterproof too! They suit all complexions and keep skin soft.


    We believe makeup shouldn’t take up your time, and these colour creams are quick and easy to use and can be applied on a fresh clean face or over makeup.


    1. For cheeks, apply using our eco vegan multipurpose brush and blend into skin.
    2. For lips, apply with our eco vegan concealer & lip brush to top and bottom lip.


      The other pots are HAPPY (crimson red); HEALTHY (natural caramel); HOLY (plum). They are all so great, it’s hard to stop at one…


      You’ll  love these pots for travelling, a night out or in a handbag when you leave the house!


      Model Anisa is from Somalia, she is wearing Hello, Kiia is from Finland and is wearing Harmony.


      Makeup artist Katiana Salinas. Photography by Hiram Martinez


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