here comes the sun

here comes the sun

It’s the start of summer in the southern hemisphere. Think long days, balmy nights, endless swimming and lots of sun! We love summer, it’s a big part of the Australian lifestyle. Bring on beach days, salty skin and vegan ice cream. Tropical heat is amazing when our winter bodies first start to warm up, but some days are just too hot (and sweaty!) Beach umbrellas & hats are essential, sandals come out to play and no way do we want to spend hours blow-drying hair.


In the summer, it’s all about that care-free relaxed feeling and the same goes for makeup. You need sweat-proof mascara and multi-tasking products that let skin breathe and won’t run in extreme heat. We’ve got you covered with our aloe gel lash & brow mascara + beetroot tint for cheeks and lips.


EP_Blog_Banners_Victoria2 Victoria (Mexico) loves these products for sultry sunny days and they let her gorgeous freckles shine…



Look #1

 quinoa water foundation - dawn
 almond brow pencil - perfect
 aloe gel lash & brow mascara clear
 cacao lip colour - hoopla
 vanilla highlighter - sun halo
 rice powder blush & bronzer - tulum



    1. Rinse off any salt, sweat, sand or sunscreen.
    2. Apply a little quinoa water foundation to any places you need it. A light layer is all you need in summer!
    3. Next, dab rice powder blush & bronzer - tulum to cheeks and eyelids to bring out your bronze.
    4. Fix up those wild brows with almond brow pencil - perfect. Fill in any gaps and frame your face.
    5. Set your brows with aloe gel lash & brow mascara clear, apply to brows and then to lashes.
    6. Celebrate that glorious tropical feel with vanilla highlighter - sun halo (it smells like vanilla!) Great over sun-kissed skin. Apply to cheekbones and under the eyebrows.
    7. Our new cacao lip colour - hoopla finishes the look!


      Look #2

       beetroot cheek & lip tint - joy
       jojoba eye pencil - bronze
       natural almond mascara – black


        Follow steps 1 – 6… then:

        1. Use jojoba eye pencil - bronze to outline the top and bottom rim of your lashes.
        2. Beetroot cheek & lip tint - joy is your must-have for summer. It is water-resistant, vibrant and can be used on cheeks and lips! Roll onto lips and cheeks for summer colour.
        3. If you want thick black lashes, use our natural almond mascara – black, apply 2 coats to top and bottom lashes.


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