hydrated lips

hydrated lips

Spending more time indoors can impact our skin. Many of us are experiencing breakouts, dry skin, redness and especially – dry lips! Being inside with heaters or air-conditioning and not doing our usual beauty & exercise routines or wearing our favourite lip products can take a toll. If you are experiencing a less-than-perfect pout, our olive oil lipsticks are super hydrating and conditioning. Plus, who doesn’t need a little pick-me-up of colour right now?  


Here’s a great natural look with lipstick for that day when you just want to feel a little special – even if you are in quarantine, and wearing your best leisure-wear day after day. Even if you aren’t going out into the world like you normally would, do it for you! 


oat milk foundation – honey | arnica concealer – honey | vanilla highlighter – falling star | rice powder blush & bronzer – roma | natural almond mascara – black almond brow pencil – perfect | chamomile eye palette – lovely | olive oil lipstick – cocktail  


1. To moisturised skin, smooth out your complexion with oat milk foundation & arnica concealer in honey.  
2. To appear like you are getting sun on your cheeks, add a layer across your face with rice powder blush & bronzer – roma. Apply over eyelids as eyeshadow!  
3. Highlight cheekbones with vanilla highlighter – falling star.  
4. Wearing mascara during this time can boost our spirits! Wear natural almond mascara – black.   
5. Tidy brows with almond brow pencil – perfect. 
6. For hydrated lips: olive oil lipstick – cocktail (earthy rose) 


7. Same amazing hydration, different colour! Try olive oil lipstick – high tea (dusty pink).