i am a woman and i am capable

i am a woman and i am capable

Never stop dreaming, achieve your dreams

Cynthia is a mother, yogini, life lover, permanent student and rookie cooker. She has a degree in Communication and is a researcher for a healthy life. With Women’s Day approaching, Cynthia Landa, shares with us the reasons why it’s so important to follow your dreams and how to achieve them.


"Which person do you admire the most and why?


Do you admire a woman who has already achieved her dreams?


Life goes too fast, so much, that there are millions of people who regret not having done what they really wanted. They are living someone else’s dream, they are accomplishing the duties that society has constructed.. even against their deepest dreams!


Today is a good day to think about your own dreams, maybe you have to dust them off, but it’s never too late to start walking towards them…


This is the reason I asked you for the person you admire the most.


Maybe you’ll say the person you admire is your mother… Well, that’s true love, however, I recommend that you look for someone else, someone who has already fulfilled a similar dream to the one you want to achieve (I’m almost sure your mother’s dream was not the same you have).


In order to be successful, women have passed through constant struggles. But now, there are so many of them who lead the way. Artists such as Frida Kahlo, writers as JK Rowling,  presenters like Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah or businesswomen like Ere Pérez… Have you heard their stories? Each of them has followed their passion, they decided to focus their life in something they love, and share the best of them. Would you like to do it? Do you think you are capable of it? Let me tell you something… You must believe it because you are capable!


Find someone to admire. It is inspiring to know that someone else has already achieved what we want because this lets us know that we can do it too.


Admiring someone helps us try to follow her steps and give us confidence and motivation to take actions. Admiring someone doesn’t mean you change your personality and try to be as her, absolutely NO! It's about motivating yourself and taking the best you can learn of that person. Admire is not the same as idealizing, don’t believe that this person is perfect, like everyone, she makes mistakes.


Don’t forget that everyone is born with many gifts and virtues and it’s important to discover them and take most of them. I’m certain that you know what makes you happy and what makes you feel comfortable so, walk at your own pace. You should know that you will make mistakes in this process… Although nobody likes to be wrong, we only learn through these experiences. We are women, we are alchemists, we have the power to reinvent ourselves. Let your inside light shine with such intensity that illuminates your tread, your home, your tribe! Develop a network around you to support your growth, because when you shine, the people around you will do it too.


Here are my seven suggestions:

1. Be very clear about what you want. Have you ever ask yourself what do you really want to do with your life? How do you visualize yourself in 5, 10, 15 years? Write it down!
2. Maybe you have learned that there is only one way to achieve something but… Maybe it’s worth it to explore other directions, have a broad vision, understand other ways to achieve the objectives you are looking for. Learn new things that are related to your goals.
3. Appreciate everything that surrounds you. From your home and the place where you work, to the city where you live and the people around you, all of these things are important for your evolution.
4. Believe to create. You may have heard it hundreds of times but it’s true: until you really believe in your dreams, none of them will come true.
5. Make mistakes. When something goes wrong it only means that you have tried. Each mistake brings learning… Perhaps you don’t see at the time, but try to see what you’ve learned from bad experiences.
6. Use positive affirmations. Record yourself saying positive affirmations for 5 minutes. (Nobody better than you to define which uplifting affirmations you should record). Play them every day, in the first moment of the morning, just when you open your eyes, and listen to yourself. Start by saying: I am... I enjoy... I have... and also say everything you want to reach, and visualize it as something that you’ve already achieve.
7. Gift yourself with 5 minutes every day. Pamper yourself… For example, I devote myself to clean my face and apply my green serum and my blue cypress nectar for 5 minutes each morning and evening. This is a time I value and believe it or not it changes my day. Create a routine to pamper yourself.


    Many women have opened new paths for those who are behind them, take advantage of this. Remember that times are always perfect and that today is the time to create, to be authentic with yourself, and to create the best version of you. Remember that we came to this world to experiment, to learn, to embrace each stage of life. Don’t regret the past phases of your life, remember them as something beautiful that you experienced, just as the wonderful phase you’re living now, embrace the woman you are in this moment, just as you are, embrace your life, whatever you have decided to be and the life you want to live. Do not forget that you can always transform it, change is the only constant in life. If you change your perception, the world changes


    Keep undertaking, remember that your mind is unlimited, creative. You can always create bridges in your brain that will help your constant evolution. Believe in yourself, believe in your potential because whenever you are alone, you will be there to support yourself, do not expect someone else to do this for you, you are capable. Don’t ever forget to live the present, make your ordinary life extraordinary."


    Article by Cynthia Landa Interview with Ere Pérez: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Slg2nsBgwk&feature=youtu. be


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